We make things

DOTDOT is an award-winning creative studio focused on generating impact through social and immersive experiences. Exploring the boundaries of technology, art and design, we create experiences that are memorable, playful, and interactive.


We are designers, storytellers, artists, creative technologists, game developers and engineers, with a collective passion to craft unique and meaningful experiences.


DOTDOT is an alumni of the New Museum’s NEW INC Arts & Tech Incubator, past residents of the Mahuki Innovation Lab at Te Papa Tongarewa (National Museum of Aotearoa New Zealand) and alumni of the Designers in Residence programme at NYSCI (New York Hall of Science).

How we can help

Creative Collaboration
Creative direction and content that is experience and story driven. From art and code, to dance and VR—and everything in between. And we love collaborating.

R&D Lab
From rapid prototyping and experimentation, to building custom tools. We use technology to solve problems, tell stories and bring people together.

Creative Tech Production
Delivering solid creative technology solutions. We’ve built installations to last 10 years, pop ups to create a bang overnight and launched online experiences running 24/7.