Front-End React Developer (Remote / New Zealand)

We are seeking a senior front-end React developer (4+ years) ready to take a lead role in an Auckland-based team. You will be working on a best-in-class virtual events platform that services arts institutions and world-leading brands. Our ideal candidate will have taken a lead role in the development of one or more SAAS platforms. They will care deeply about the end-user experience, and be interested in the intersection of gaming and web technologies.


This role can be a mixture of remote and working from our office in Auckland, and reports to our CTO.


What you’ll do:
– Define scope to build out modules and core features for an MMORPG for virtual events
– Collaborate with other developers, game designers, artists and producers to ideate and build out new features for the core platform
– Create custom modules on quick turnaround projects for world-leading artists and brands.
– Help upskill less senior developers in our Auckland office (with support from our producer)


Required experience:


Useful experience:
Multiplayer networking
SAAS update management & deployment

DOTDOT is proud to employ extraordinary talent across all genders, races, nationalities, religions, ages, abilities and sexual preferences. We commit to the ongoing work required to be an anti-racist workplace. We aim to encourage and support all of our current and future employees to achieve their potential. No job applicant will receive less favorable treatment on any basis when applying for a position with us.


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