Hello Visionaries,


We hope this message finds you surfing the highest wave of the quantum creativity ocean! 🌊💡


Our studio, nestled at the electrifying crossroads of technology, art, and haute couture design, has been on a relentless quest to redefine the parameters of possibility.


We’re thrilled to share our latest ventures that blend artistry with the pulsating heart of cutting-edge tech. Buckle up for a journey through our digital atelier’s freshest creations:


👩‍💻 Girls Who Code Cyber HQ 🎉🐈

In celebration of Girls Who Code’s 10th Birthday CodeFair in NYC, we’ve unleashed the Girls Who Code Cyber HQ, a cybersecurity escape room extravaganza. We’ve crafted an experience dripping with fun, orchestrated chaos, and, yes, adorable cats – because why not? Get ready to meow your way through cyber puzzles! Also, we’re up for an Webby – please vote!


📚 Voidopolis 🚀👁️

Dive into the abyss with Voidopolis, an augmented reality masterpiece by the avant-garde Kat Mustatea. This MIT Press wonder is a book designed to vanish before your very eyes, only to be reborn through our exclusive AR app. Prepare to question reality as you’ve never done before.


🌐 Innovating with EY 💼🔮

Imagine the future with us as we collaborate with EY’s Metaverse Labs. We’re dreaming up new realms of work, health, and lifestyle within the sprawling canvas of the metaverse. Our blend of game design, AI chatbots, and immersive simulations just snagged a Drum Award – and we’re just getting started.


🕹️ MuMu Virtual Reality 🌐🔬

In a vibrant partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, we present MuMu Virtual Reality – a groundbreaking VR game set to revolutionize how we understand network science. It’s time to game your way to enlightenment!


🎭 Digital Buskers 🏙️🎶

Commissioned by Auckland Live, Digital Buskers reimagines the essence of public space interaction. This participatory experience revives the art of spontaneous encounters, transforming everyday moments into scenes of unscripted beauty.


🤖 AI Installations with Stephanie Dinkins 🎨👁️‍🗨️

In an exhilarating collaboration with Stephanie Dinkins, we delve deep into the narrative potential of AI through Not the Only One and The Stories We Tell Our Machines. Witness these thought-provoking pieces at none other than the Ford Foundation and The Guggenheim.


🔭 The Hunt for Dark Matter 🌌🔍

Join forces with Shaun Hotchkiss on a cosmic quest – The Hunt for Dark Matter. Through the art of play, we’re demystifying gravitational lensing and bringing the mysteries of the cosmos right to your fingertips.


As we continue to surf the cutting edge, weaving the fabric of tomorrow, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey. Your feedback, dreams, and collaborative sparks are what drive us beyond the horizon. Together, let’s craft a future so vibrant, so unapologetically bold, that history books will need to invent new colors just to describe it.


Stay Inspired,


(Credit: Chat GPT)