'Fast Company' Stages 'Innovation' Event, Ups Sponsorship Revenue

Inc. worked with DOTDOT to design The Marketplace, a virtual main street with a red carpet, an art gallery, recreation center and theater, where conference attendees can explore and socialize between planned events.

2020 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellows, Finalists, and Panelists

Digital/Electronic Arts Finalists

Finalist, Best Design Awards

Hide & Seek with Kiri and Lou is a Finalist in the Best Design Awards 2020

Gold: Australia Good Design Awards

Climate Converter is awarded a gold medal in the Australia Good Design Awards 2020

All Together Now: Experiments in together-ing

A presentation for the International Conference on Movement and Computing 2020

Twenty-six organizations have gained accolades in the 21st annual Media & Technology MUSE Awards

Silver Winner for Onsite Digital Experience

Navvy puts the alt-pop ‘Pieces’ back together in vibrant ways

The DOTDOT creative studio result is a bright and warm case of lockdown creativity.

Core 77 Design Awards Winner

Winner for Interaction Design

Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards 2020

Art and Design Finalists and Honorable Mentions

MuseWeb: Inside the Climate Converter

How technology can help inspire action


Thought leadership series on Culture Connect

Best Design Awards 2019

Finalists and Medal Winners

NEW INC drives development of new technologies

Knight Foundation press release