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James & Wells, Lion and DOTDOT create New Zealand’s first virtual drink

Virtual Reality Installation

We created a virtual reality installation for James & Wells’ annual food and beverage innovation event ‘Future Flavours: Eats and Geeks’ to showcase the new Höpt Pink Guava and Rose soda. This year, the organisers wondered what the future of networking might be and how technology could impact the traditional role of food and beverage in social contexts.


In the experience you drink from a real bottle of soda and see the virtual world around you change surprisingly with each sip.


‘Eats & Geeks’ is an annual event for innovative Kiwi companies operating in the food and beverage sector in collaboration with the NZ Food Awards, The Investment Network (TIN), Lion Ventures and James & Wells. From plant-based burgers and sausages, to sheep milk gin and vodka, the future of food and beverage is happening right here in our backyards.