A tilting body of precarious maps and migrant constellations

Social & Immersive Online Art Installation and Virtual Event Space


a tilting body of precarious maps is an immersive social experience in collaboration with the New York & New Zealand based collective DOTDOT and the project Mapeo De Bordes Porosos – an ongoing project led by New Zealand based artist Alys Longley with Chilean artists Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira and Macarena Campbell-Parra, in collaboration with over 50 artists from all continents of the world.


It is a curated journey through a series of immersive worlds, each grown from an artist-map and developed into new fangled interactive, three dimensional, sonic and relational properties. This project folds together digital gaming with contemporary art, with maps made as part of the exhibition Beberemos El Vino Nuevo Juntos / Let us Drink the New Wine Together. We are evading the border closures of 2020-2021 to find ways for artists to dwell and rewrite our shared world together.

Documentation of our work in progress

Past iterations and showings

Making Connections: artistic research across borders, with Choreographic Research Aotearoa (University of Auckland) + Mapping Future Imaginaries Network (RMIT), 2024


ADSA Conference: Travelling Together, Waipapa Taumata Rau, 2022




Creative Development
Experience Design
SOCIAL Platform
Event Management


alys longley (Artistic Director, Writer, Performer, Concept)
Jeffrey Holdaway (Sound, Production)