Room Scale Virtual Reality Installation


DOTDOT installed the roomscale virtual reality experience Aerobanquets for artist Mattia Casalegno at the China Rendez-vous – Liquidity exhibition in Sanya, China.


The Aerobanquets RMX is a series of immersive dining experiences focussed on taste perception.


Loosely based on the Futurist Cookbook, the (in)famous Italian book of surreal recipes and fantastical dinners published in 1932, the project is a multi-sensorial journey experienced in Mixed Reality.


Part manifesto, part artistic joke, the Futurist Cookbook is a collection of recipes, experiments, declamations and allegorical tales: here are recipes for ice cream on the moon; candied atmospheric electricities; nocturnal love feasts; sculpted meats.


The Cookbook is a provocative, visionary work on the future of nourishment, which well ahead of time touched on issues of post-capitalistic societies and labor that are so relevant to our times. Every society and era has a distinctive way of preparing and consuming food, and the Futurists were among the first artists to envision novel ways of approaching food based on the technological transformations of modernity.


The immersive experience tracks a 3D printed vessel containing gastronomic morsels that audiences eat in virtual reality. The tastes and flavors are reflected in the visual world around them.


VR Development