XR Experience & Installation


Design And Ride is an engaging way for the community to design better cycleways. In this experience, community members create a new road design and then try it out as a cyclist – in virtual reality! Working with the team at Kapiti Coast District Council, we implemented the activation for their community engagement for the redesign of Park Ave.


Members of the public are able to design a cycleway for their community via an iPad and then test the design by riding down a virtual road on a physical bike connected to a virtual reality headset. Community designers can center cyclists’ safety while also keeping the experience of pedestrians and drivers in mind.


Design And Ride encourages civic engagement around street design initiatives by allowing members of the public to experience multiple scenarios based on their input, improve them, rate them and share them with urban planners.

Special shoutout to our friends at Streetmix which we are using to power the road design experience – with a few extra special mods of course!


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