Game Design & Development for a Massively Multiplayer Virtual World


We worked with EY to imagine interactive and collaborative games for the launch of their metaverse –  the EY WeVerse.


Firstly, we created the Rooted in Purpose challenge where visitors could share their purpose statement by planting a plant in the garden. Visitors could upvote their favorite ideas and a leaderboard was placed in the garden to showcase the most popular responses.

Secondly, we created a sneaker design competition where visitors could design their own sneaker and then upvote their favorite designs. The winning design was then produced as a real life sneaker and gifted to the EY 2023 interns.

Lastly we created a scavenger hunt that led visitors to explore all corners of the WeVerse to discover mystery boxes and answer riddles to unlock each box. 

The EY WeVerse has been recognized at The Drum Awards (2023 Metaverse Creators of the Year) and won a 2024 BIG Innovation Award from Business Intelligence Group.


Game Design
3D Art & Animation
Graphic Design

Unity Development