30 Foot Video & Sound Installation


We worked with the Cognitive Human Enterprise team at Ernst & Young to imagine and design a vision for the EY Metaverse.


The experience was created in Unreal and then rendered out to display on a 30 foot screen with surround sound at the Innovation Realized Summit in Chicago.

The metaverse (shared, persistent, three-dimensional virtual worlds) and web3 (the next iteration of the internet powered by a decentralized blockchain and token economics) were hot topics.


While it’s easy to be caught up in the enabling technology, the underlying social and cultural movement reflects an important power shift. Value is being created by communities who set their own rules and build decentralized organizations on blockchain-enabled platforms and metaverses. NFTs are a mechanism they use to create, trade and share value in a digital world. 


We are at the beginning of a social movement that could radically change how we all live, work and earn in the future.


– Edwina Fitzmaurice, EY


Creative Consultation
3D Art Direction
3D Art & Animation
Video Editing
Sound Design

Video Render
4 Channel Audio Output