Giorgio Armani Digital Event

Virtual Launch Event


We worked with Moving Image & Content to create a digital event site for Armani Beauty’s Lip Power lipstick. The unique event was attended by their VIP community on National Lipstick Day. 


Attendees tuned into a live event complete with ASMR videos, a live make up tutorial with Molly R. Stern, an AR lipstick try on experience, a gorgeous dance film and an empowerment panel featuring star guests. Attendees could make decisions during the event to go down different pathways of content based on thematic prompts. 


Attendees joined from 13 different countries
66% of attendees stayed for the entire event
Total Number of RSVPs: 1,199
A unique and innovative event, Armani was able to reach a younger demographic and garner brand loyalty.


Web Design
Front End Web Development
Back End Development for Timed Event With Pick A Path Functionality
Chat Server
AR Makeup Integration
Livestream Integration
Custom Event Management Tool