Cybersecurity Escape Room Installation


We worked with Girls Who Code, Qulture, Jemme Aldridge and Bank of America to create a cybersecurity escape room game for the 2023 Girls Who Code: CodeFair — an experiential celebration of the Girls Who Code’s ten year anniversary that mirrors the organization’s ambition, creativity, and unprecedented scale. This three-day immersive event held in the heart of New York City was produced by the team at Qulture and invited the public to play, discover, code, and engage their imagination using technology’s most thrilling innovations.


At the Cyber HQ installation attendees discovered that the infamous ethical hacker Catfisto has hacked the Girls Who Code Cyber HQ to teach them a lesson about keeping their networks secure. Attendees were challenged to solve the puzzle and secure the Cyber HQ office network. This activation was created in partnership with Bank of America.


Honoring the 500,000 students, 115,000 alumni, and dozens of partners that make up the Girls Who Code community, CodeFair took over the ground floor of The Altman Building in New York City and attracted over 3000 attendees. Girls Who Code is an international non profit organization that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science and close the gender gap in tech.


Creative Ideation
Game Design
Graphic Design
Video Production
Sound Design

Unity Development