h u m a t t e r i n g

Live Performance Event on SOCIAL


Artist contributions from all continents of the world have developed into a labyrinthine series of interactive, multi-dimensional, sonic and relational worlds.


h u m a t t e r i n g was a performance research event that experimented with bodies as simultaneously singular and collective – as territory and sensorial archive. It moved through performance, text, sound, light, score, improvisation and choreography.


Housed inside a virtual theatre in the image of the much loved Old Folks Association, h u m a t t e r i n g ran as a 12 hour durational live-streamed performance event, in order to make itself available in all time zones throughout the world. Friends, neighbours and strangers from over 15 countries met up inside this digital exhibition, hung out for awhile, and shared some time together while immersed in the art work.


h u m a t t e r i n g was simultaneously experienced online and projected in physical space at the Composite Gallery in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Mapping Future Imaginaries exhibition at BusProjects.

Presented in association with the SloMoCo Fall Residency, Mapping Future Imaginaries, Concentric Curriculum, BusProjects Melbourne, and Dance Studies, University of Auckland.


Creative Development
Experience Design
SOCIAL Platform
Event Management


alys longley (Artistic Director, Writer, Performer, Concept)
Jeffrey Holdaway (Sound, Production)
Sean Curham (Lighting, Design, Performance Making)
Kristian Larsen (Sound, Design, Performance Making)
Deborah Fletcher (Production Assistance)
Janaína Moraes, Yin Chi Lee, Joanna Cook (Creative Development team, Translations)