Inc. 5000 Marketplace

Social Networking Experience


We worked with Inc to bring to life a virtual world for the Inc. 5000 Conference that brings back the serendipity of meeting new people, running into old friends and sharing ideas and insights at in-person conferences.


Our creative tech stack is browser-based and powers a live-streamed, social experience where users can easily and safely meet and socialise in a stimulating online world. With Inc we conceptualized and designed the Marketplace, a virtual Main St where conference attendees can socialise between planned events and form connections to build on in the future.

Every attendee can walk the red carpet, take a photo to capture the moment, and then head down the street, getting to know fellow guests and participating in virtual fun like trivia competitions, golf matches, and creating their own art inspired by the greats.


Attendees receive a downloadable swag bag, with literature from sponsors and a conference passport. As they explore The Marketplace and engage with other guests, they’ll receive stamps in their passports and mementos of their experiences.


Creative Direction
Game Design
Art Direction
UX Design

Web Development
Game Development
Multi-user Networking