Kiri and Lou

Augmented Reality App & Multiplayer Game


Play hide and seek with Kiri and Lou!


Create your own beautiful peaceful forest and discover Kiri, a feisty little dinosaur and her best friend Lou, a gentle creature with a long and remarkably sensitive trunk. Play hide and seek in your forest to find new creatures to play with and collect new plants to create with.


– Two ways to play – play on your own or with a friend
– Plant your very own paper forest in the real world
– Hide a character in your forest
– See hints as you seek and get ‘Warmer’ or ‘Cooler’
– Collect new creatures and plants for your forest as you play
– Beautiful paper art and 3D creatures


Hide and Seek with Kiri and Lou features the magical world and creatures of the Kiri and Lou television series. Kiri and Lou and their friends live in a beautiful prehistoric forest. It’s a playful happy world that celebrates kindness.

Honourable Mention for Best Kids App


Creative Direction
Game Design
3D Art Direction
UX Design

App Development
Game Development
AR Development
Technical Art Integration