Kylie Cosmetics Virtual Launch Event

Virtual Launch Event


We worked with Moving Image & Content to conceptualize an experience for the 2021 virtual launch of Kylie Cosmetics. Knowing the massive scale of Kylie’s audience, and that many of Kylie’s fans would be on their phones for the launch, we designed an experience that would be as impactful on mobile as it could be on a desktop or laptop and would stand up to a potential audience of millions of concurrent users.


Visitors enter a world of explorable 360 immersive spaces, encounter the slick new product design of Kylie Cosmetics and are guided by Kylie’s voice to a club featuring four digital avatars made up with unique glam looks created with the new Kylie Cosmetics products. Visitors can click through to shop their favourite looks on the Kylie Cosmetics website.


We collaborated with creative content studio Hi From the Future who created the 360 environments and digital avatars. Overseen by Kylie’s creative inspiration, the spaces echo the clean lines and drip motif of the brand and inspire visitors to explore the new world of Kylie Cosmetics.


Creative Concepting
UX & Interactive Design
Interface Graphic Design
Sound Design

Web Development
Multi-user networking for co-presence at break-the-internet scale