Conversational AI Installation


We worked with artist Stephanie Dinkins to create the next iteration of her work “Not the Only One”, an interactive glass sculpture with which the audience can communicate by speaking and listening. It is an experiment in making a multigenerational memoir of a black American family told from the perspective of a custom deep learning artificial intelligence.


It uses artificial intelligence in the sculpture, feeding it information about the life of a Black American family over several generations. The artificial intelligence was designed, trained and adapted to the perspectives of Black people, who are underrepresented in the technology sector. Over time, discussions with the audience influence its story-telling skills by increasing and improving the database available for interaction. The entity is not always communicative and conversations do not always proceed as you would expect.

The installation is currently on show at Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Finland as part of the exhibition In Search of the Present and you can learn more about the lineage of the work on Stephanie Dinkins’ website.


Backend Development
Unity Development
Electronics/Hardware Support