Augmented Reality Audio Documentary


DOTDOT worked with Tomorrow Never Knows to create Pilgrim, an interactive, geospatial, augmented reality audio documentary based on interviews recorded on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain.


The experience lets you accompany a diverse group of walkers and have control of the stories you hear. When you start walking in the real world a pilgrim will walk beside you and tell you their story. If you adjust to one walker’s tempo, you’ll hear him talk about a relationship breakdown. Another person is searching for a new goal in life.


If you stop, the pilgrim will walk away and a new pilgrim will come along. You, the listener, can choose and control the experience through when and where you walk in the real world.


Pilgrim premiered at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam in 2018.

Premiere at IDFA DocLab 2018

Featured on Lance Weiler’s 2018 Round Up of 52 Immersive Things