Virtual Reality Experience in the Viverse


We worked with artist Indira Allegra to imagine the world of TEXERE: A Tapestry Is A Forest, an immersive platform for collective grief and memorialization, in the Viverse (HTC VIVE’s virtual universe). TEXERE reimagines memorial as something we can actively create with other people in virtual space rather than something which is only created for us. The forest environment encourages people to think about the process of memorialization, not as a one-time event but as an ongoing practice which feeds a living, mutable ecosystem like a forest.


Participants enter the memorial forest from above, descending from an elevated platform representing the way in which, when we experience loss, we are often made to drop down into an reality which feels larger than we are. As the user steps down through the tree canopy into the forest, they are able to use the pathways through the trees as a kind of self guided contemplative labyrinth walk. The sound of rushing water will lead them to a waterfall which represents the spill of emotional experience which often accompanies loss. Behind the wall of water will be notes in the form of shimmering tiles, which people have left about some aspect of their grief experience.


TEXERE: A Tapestry Is A Forest premiered at the Grey Area Festival Plural Prototypes.

Each element of Texere’s design participates in a dialogue of stillness and movement, of permanence and ephemerality, that encourages reflection on loss and change. – Outland


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