Augmented Reality Audio Tour


Uptown AR-FM is an augmented audio tour of Auckland’s hottest hill, Uptown! Tune into Uptown AR-FM and take a dive deep into the history of this vibrant area and engage in its offerings through a series of site specific activations – both audio and augmented reality.


Join radio host Hannah (voiced by Kiwi radio favourite Charlotte Ryan) as she unveils intriguing stories of Uptown’s past and present. Learn about how Mt Eden Prison escapee, George Wilder, left police puzzled by wearing his boots backwards, stop by Bungalow Bill’s Music Store and hear about the plans for the new City Rail Link.


This full experience is available as a downloadable app. The audio and visual elements can also be experienced via a web browser.

This experience was created as a collaboration between companies at the AR/VR Garage (based in Uptown).


Story & script
UX design
Graphic design

Casting talent
Directing talent
Photos & archive