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We worked with artist Kat Mustatea to bring to life Voidopolis – a hybrid digital artistic and literary project in the form of an augmented reality book made to disappear, Voidopolis retells Dante’s Inferno as if it were set in pandemic-ravaged New York City. A first-of-its-kind publication from the MIT Press, Voidopolis can only be deciphered through a bespoke AR app published alongside the book.

Every detail of the story is crafted to evoke loss: the stock photographs of New York City with humans wiped away, the lipogrammatic AI-generative text missing the letter e. Over a period of months, the app works to decay the elements of the story just as memory might, leaving behind foggy imagery and half-remembered bits of language. Each July 1, the book resets, beginning anew the cycle of its own vanishing.

Voidopolis exhibited at Dimensions: Digital Art Since 1859 (Cur: Richard Castelli) in Pittlerwerke Leipzig, Germany and has been short listed for the Lumen Prize.


MIT Press are publishers for the book which is available here.


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