Room-scale Virtual Reality Experience


In 2021, the New York City Council approved the Gowanus Neighborhood Plan, transforming (or “rezoning”) former manufacturing sites into residential and mixed-use properties, including an estimated 8,200 new apartments.


Residents and community organizers have been working to ensure current Gowanus residents benefit from the rezoning. Their advocacy resulted in the 56 Points of Agreement (POAs) — commitments made by New York City to support housing, infrastructure, public space, community amenities, and business programs. In total, NYC will invest $450 million for these improvements in Gowanus. Approximately $200 million of that total will address high priority needs in Gowanus’ NYCHA developments.


This virtual reality experience created in collaboration with Juanli Carrión and Rodolfo Kusulas presents the Gowanus Neighborhood Plan as an immersive experience for visitors to the Van Alen Institute. Visitors are invited to enter a map of Gowanus and explore the changes coming to the neighborhood. This installation is part of the wider art project With Your Voice that seeks to illustrate and humanize the POAs to make sure the city stays on track and keeps its promises.


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