Shitty Secret Santa Rules


Here are the fundamentals;

  1. Each participant must gift one present
  2. You do not know who will get your gift
  3. The person who gets your gift will not know who gave it (unless you tell them after)
  4. Each person must show their shitty gift to the group (and feign gratitude)
  5. The present that elicits the most laughs is the winner.


That’s pretty much it. Gifts will be considered truly shitty if;

    1. Some attempt has been made to wrap it
    2. Very little or no money has been spent on it
    3. It’s very unlikely that a human would want to receive this as a gift


Remember there may be kids in the room when gifts are unwrapped so please nothing inappropriate. Some examples of shitty presents are;

  • A dead plant
  • Lint from your dryer
  • Something sticky from the compartment between the seats in your car.


If you don’t want it, and you can wrap it, it’s probably a shitty gift.

Special credit will be awarded for creativity.


Please email your Shitty Secret Santa to before 1pm Tuesday 21st December 2021 NZT.