The Empathy Machine

The complete virtual reality solution for museums

The Empathy Machine is a ‘mixed-reality’ platform for museums to deliver the most compelling installations possible.


VR holds huge potential for engaging the public and creating learning experiences, but consumer solutions don’t allow users to move outside of a 2 by 2 metre box, let alone engage with physical objects. What’s more, for museums VR goggles and headphones have health and safety issues and are not robust enough to weather sustained public use.


The Empathy Machine solves all these problems and gives museums an end-to-end solution to deliver the gold-standard in virtual reality to their visitors – ‘mixed-reality’. Mixed-Reality allows visitors to freely move through the virtual space and interact with physical as well as virtual objects. The untethered VR helmet is designed to be hygienic and durable to stand up to the abuses of public use. Finally the fuel for the machine is compelling, educational content that has visitors coming back for more.


The package includes everything a museum needs to embed mixed-reality content alongside their existing exhibitions, including custom installation, durable hardware, equipment maintenance and new content every quarter.

Like to jump in and try it?

We’re running testing sessions at the Mahuki Innovation Lab at Te Papa.

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